Achieving  Community & Corporate Growth

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority  

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Thursday, January 28, 2021 • 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM  
Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Twenty-plus leading technology companies and BDPA mission-partners including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DocuSign, BAE Systems, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and more will be in attendance and hiring for over 5,000 combined positions. Tech professionals of all experience levels and from all locations are welcome to attend. Although BDPA Members or candidates with active security clearances are in very high demand, an active security clearance is not required to register nor attend this event.  All are welcomed, so  register today.   

National BDPA's Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter (BDPA DC) entered into an agreement with Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FECDA) in FY21 to empower local area employers, individuals, and communities to prosper and grow the region’s economy through technical workforce development systems which inherently shall be customer-centered, seamless, and effective.


For more on Microsoft, HPE, JEF, and the H.O.P.E. Project DMV mission partnership, visit bdpatoday.com or view our latest high-performance computing (HPC) webinars with HPE posted below.  


Special IT Summit and TECH and CAREER Talk guests included BDPA Founders and National BDPA's President.  Read more . . .


View full story from Saturday 12.05.20  Available now at bdpatoday.com 


New!  I.T. Training and Certification Scholarships

For HBCU Seniors, HBCU STEM graduates, or BDPA Student Members

View full story from Friday 10.30.20  Available now at bdpatoday.com 


BDPA-DC earns new Best Buy

grant to expand regional

Tablets For Teens initiatives 



Webinar recorded Saturday 11.14.20 10:00 AM ET  Now available on PTTV 


Webinar recorded Saturday 11.07.20 10:00 AM ET  Now available on PTTV 


Webinar recorded Saturday 10.24.20 10:00 AM ET  Now available on PTTV 

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee_23OCT20.jpg

 Webinar recorded Saturday 10.17.20 10:00 AM ET  Now available on PTTV 


HOPE Project DMV Reaches 10-Year Milestone in TECH

BDPA @ 45


National BDPA

Champions!  DC Coding Team Captures 2019 National HSCC Title

National HSCC 2019 Coding Champions honored during annual

TECH & Media community awards ceremony closing a powerful decade! 

bdpatoday photo  © 2019 by Evan Carter 

National BDPA supports and co-sponsors CYBER and STEM engagements with local JROTC units. 

BDPA, NSBE, and HBCU Alumni attend CES 2020

Visit bdpatoday.com for these and related success stories.

bdpatoday photo  © 2020 by BDPA-DC 

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HOPE Project DMV

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Discover new technology and cyber initiatives or related legislation that may impact investments, community engagements, STEM Programs, or fund local BDPA SITES Programs.



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Industry and Community Events


Does your team plan or host technical events in Washington, D.C.?  If so,

send teaming information or requests for proposals:  events@bdpadc.org  

Select here to visit bdpatoday.com


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Presentations + Testimonials

Professional Development Programs

TECH Meet-Ups & Summits

National Capital

Region Engagements

Youth Coding and Technology Programs

2020 HSCC Trifold


High School Coding Competitions

Download your local BDPA Chapter's flyer for participation and strategic partnerships

Neighborhood Engagements


Apr 20, 2020

Virtual Earth Day Tech Summit 2020

View on PTTV  → #CyberEarth2020

Apr 20, 2019

Earth Day Tech Summit 2019


BDPA’s annual Earth Day Tech Summit, #CyberEarth19, was presented in Washington, D.C. to Industry, BDPA Members, Student Members, parents, and regional high school coding competition (HSCC) team leaders during Earth Day weekend. Dr. DaNa Carlis (left), Meteorologist, Mathematician, and Program Manager at NOAA was this year's featured presenter.

Neighborhood Engagements


Apr 20, 2018

Earth Day Tech Summit 2018

  • Program Guide
    (view or download)

  • #CyberEarth18 presenters and mission-partners included AWS, FEMA, MMTC, IBM, In3DC, and Wells Fargo 

Tablets for Teens

Mobile App Development

Tablets For Teens


Mobile Apps and Tablets for JrDevs

Our Tablets for Teens (T4T) initiative provides new mobile learning and application development platforms to students participating in the following programs. 

  • BDPA Mobile App Showcase

  • BDPA IT Showcase

  • BDPA Regional or National HSCCs

  • Hack-A-Thons


Additional information and partnerships are available by visiting:  tabletsforteens.org .​

Tech Partnerships with Academia

Welcome Reception

Sep 20, 2017

Industry Welcome Reception @ for Bowie State at Holland & Knight LLP

Government Relations

U.S. Congress and BDPA

CBC TECH 2020 

In May 2015, the Congressional Black Caucus launched CBC TECH 2020 to bring together the best minds in the tech, non-profit, education and public sectors to chart a path forward to increase African American inclusion at all levels of the technology industry.

National BDPA's plan is linked below.

Government Relations

BDPA in Annapolis

Feb 20, 2019

CWDP | Senate Bill 615, signed in May 2018 by Governor Hogan, became law on July 1st. The bill established the Cyber Warrior Diversity Program (CWDP) at multiple Maryland institutions of higher education. SB 432 expands CWDP to include additional schools and  organizations.

BDPA-DC Supports SB 432 @ Maryland General Assembly

Government Relations

BDPA in Annapolis

​Feb 15, 2018

ACCESS | The Achieving Computer Science Collaborations for Employing Students Statewide Act of 2018

BDPA-DC Supports HB 350 @ Maryland General Assembly

 Community Relations

H.O.P.E. Tech Summit

Oct 1, 2016

BDPA-DC at H.O.P.E. Project DMV's IT Summit and Town Hall

 Community Relations

Patriots Cyber Awards

May 20, 2015
BDPA-DC attends Patriots Technology Training Centers (PTTC) 5th Annual Cyber Security Awards Dinner

Defense and National Security Engagements

Cyber Warfare and C4ISR


National BDPA's Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) programs are successfully executed with mission partners and participating local BDPA Chapters. These integrated project teams are dedicated to ensuring BDPA Members, Start-Ups, Small Businesses, and Department of Defense (DoD) workforce candidates are aligned to effectively and efficiently meet or exceed future force and National Security Innovation Base requirements. 

International and National Engagements



August 20-22, 2020

The City of Atlanta will host #BDPACon21 and National BDPA's annual international Technology Conference and Career Expo next year. This year's venue will be a 100% Virtual BDPA2020 experience.


National BDPA celebrates its 45th year! This 42nd gathering and conference of Coders, Data Scientists, Developers, Gamers, Hackers, Interns, Professors, Software Engineers, and Systems Engineers features an IT Showcase, a Mobile App Showcase, and the National BDPA High School Coding Competition (HSCC).


Deloitte's ERG Team (right photo) with BDPA during BDPACon18.  © 2018 bdpatoday 


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