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bdpatoday (ISSN 1946-1429) is a monthly periodical published by participating local BDPA Chapters of National BDPA (NBDPA) within their respective media markets with local BDPA Chapter Communications Committees. bdpatoday is mailed to BDPA members, BDPA corporate sponsors, or electronically delivered to local BDPA Chapter mission partners via email or social media as a benefit of membership.  Live news feeds and tech events are provided via

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H.O.P.E. Project On-Line
BDPA HBCU I.T. Training + Certification Scholarships
Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee visits BDPA-DC
Exascale Era Webinars: HPE Edge-to-Core Analytics
BDPA-DC Youth Technology Programs
Tablets For Teens
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Local BDPA Chapters and  bdpatoday  curate news and success story content from Information Communications Technology (ICT) industries and local BDPA communities. Our rich and historical promotes technological advances and facilitates  industry outreach to "news deserts" in underserved and marginalized communities. Additional information and international partnerships are available by visiting National BDPA's landing page at: 


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Popular Technology TV | PTTV

Popular Technology TV (PTTV) features the latest Tech-Inclusion innovations and multimedia programming content curated and produced for video streams and television programs by bdpatoday and National BDPA’s Washington, D.C. Chapter for general audiences.

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Interview with NBDPA Co-Founder Earl A. Pace, Jr.

Launched in 1978, BDPA-DC reaches 40-Year Milestone

Videos | BDPA.DC reaches 40-Year Milestone

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Tablets for Teens | Mobile App Showcase

The Tablets for Teens (T4T) initiative provides new mobile learning and application development platforms to students participating in the following programs.


  • Mobile App Showcase

  • IT Showcase

  • AppDev Hack-A-Thons

  • JrDev Hack-A-Thons

  • Computing + Coding Competitions

  • Cyber and Robotics Competitions

  • STEM + STE[A]M Competitions

  • Gaming + Gamification Projects

  • Modeling, Simulation, + Analytics Projects

  • #TECHandMEDIA real-time Industry or Legislative news apps

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