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BDPA of Washington, D.C. Greater Metropolitan Area (BDPA-DC) is an IRS 501(c)(3) public charity serving its community as an industry trade association. A not-for-profit organization, BDPA-DC was founded by Norman Mays in 1978 and chartered by National BDPA, formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA).   Industry and local BDPA Chapter success stories are curated online by bdpatoday.



The association's mission to bridge digital divides across cyber security, information technology (IT) and telecommunications competency gaps spans 40+ years. BDPA-DC's projects across the National Capital Region support career development and economic development through well blended and tailored series of student programs, industry outreach, community relations, and legislative affairs primarily for urban and underserved communities. 


Use our global registration portal to apply for Full or Student BDPA memberships by joining local BDPA Chapters. Add exciting STEM, social responsibility, or community technology projects to your resume.


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Local and Regional
Coding + Cyber Competitions

For over 35 years, National BDPA's Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) programs include local BDPA Chapters and Industry mission-partners who sponsor or co-host annual training programs, hack-a-thons, coding competitions, and regional innovation summits.

Registration information and participation landing pages for National BDPA's Washington, D.C. Chapter are provided using this link.  →  | Archived photos → view on Pinterest

DevOps + Mobile Apps
I.T. Showcase Competitions

National BDPA's local programs are designed to expose youth and   young adults to computing or advanced coding concepts for new Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, DevOps, or   Quantum Computing initiatives while providing hands-on training and expertise to design and develop new applications. BDPA Chapters participate in regional competitions throughout the country to further prepare students for national competitions. Each BDPA chapter is able to send one team of students to National BDPA's Technology Conference.

Media landing pages  → | Publications | Tech + STEM video playlists

BDPACON22:  The Recap

BDPACON22: The Recap

On behalf of BDPA and the Atlanta BDPA Chapter, our teams are glad to introduce you to a review of events recently shared during the 44th Annual BDPA National Conference! We were very excited to meet those from academia, government and industry who joined us in Atlanta, and look forward to our time together again next August in Atlanta during BDPACON23. Since our last in-person national convening in 2019 and our last virtual conference in 2021, we have been working hard to develop a fun-filled, robust program that maximizes your time in Atlanta. Consistent with our 2022 theme, Honoring Our Legacy, Celebrating Our Pace, this year’s conference sought to magnify Black voices in tech, celebrate Black excellence in STEM, champion diversity at the corporate level, and provide opportunities to network and build community with Black leaders, students, and organizations from across the country. During our time together, we offered a range of relevant topics, including sharing lessons of leadership, exploring techniques to succeed in technology, highlighting the important models of talent development, as well as Black entrepreneurship in tech, just to name a few. Thank you for joining us in Atlanta and lending your voice to empower others. Together, we will continue to expand opportunities for Black tech professionals and students to raise their voices and harness their talents for positive change from the classroom to the boardroom. As we continue the journey toward our 50th anniversary in 2025, we look forward to seeing you next August! Stay connected. Visit and ___________________ #BDPA #BDPACON #BDPACON22 #BDPACON23 #bdpatoday #BETF #SITES #HSCC #ITshowcase #MobileAppShowcase #technology #computer #cyber #career #conference #coding #competition #DataScience #CloudAcademy #CIOpanel #Cybersecurity #workforce #gaming #gamification #scholarship #internship
EXASCALE DAY (SITES '23 Remix • Encore Presentation)

EXASCALE DAY (SITES '23 Remix • Encore Presentation)

Next October 18th. Happy Exascale day! As we enter a new era in research and development or modeling and simulation, exascale computing will rapidly transform our abilities to do just about anything with any connected or remote device on, in, or near our planet. Exascale systems and supercomputers are able to achieve over 1 quintillion operations per second. That's 10 to the 18th power, or a “1” followed by 18 zeros. On National Exascale Day, National BDPA, local BDPA Chapters, bdpatoday, and PTTV celebrate our 10th month on its 18th day. Our Exascale Era will have very profound impacts on all industry market segments from energy, health, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management to all modes of transportation, infrastructure, new technologies and policy. So how will these advanced technologies all work together with our village and in your ‘hood? How could more data from satellites, sensors, devices, and people, really work well atop newly secured platforms with compute at the edge in our new era? In this introductory Episode, here is what a few Industry subject matter experts (SMEs) and insiders from our longtime sponsors and mission partners at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the Brookings Institution, have to say about this new era. Use and share this introductory primer and Advanced Planning Briefing for Interns (APBi) with your instructors, teachers, and parents to prepare students and interns for new careers. | | | | |