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Tablets For Teens (T4T) Program (National Capital Region)

  • New Tablets PCs for BDPA Student members or DC area students
  • Mobile App Showcase students
  • SMART City Showcase students

This cash donation to BDPA-DC is for an IRS 501(c)(3) organization (

*** For donations of five (5) or more tablet PCs or notebook PCs, formal arrangements may be made with BDPA-DC for student presentations with our mission partners at Apple, Best Buy, The Microsoft Store, and Samsung. ***

New Notebook PCs (Tablets-for-Teens)

  • All Tablet PCs and Notebook PCs are new with standard factory or OEM warranties. Tablet PCs and Notebook PCs are ordered, shipped, or directly purchased at particpating store(s) and held by BDPA-DC for presentations to qualifying BDPA student(s).   

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