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2023 Corporate Start-Up/Micro Business Engagements | à la carte or with group discounts
Ideal for ESG outcomes with BDPA, HBCU inclusion, corporate affinity groups, and employee resource groups (ERGs).   


  • Branding and signage during special, themed, HBCU/STTR, or start-up events
  • Advertising in bdpatoday
  • Infomercials or documentaries highlighted on PTTV
  • PTO hours for career days, STEM expos, I.T. Showcases, or Mobile App Showcases
  • $500 | Annual dues for five (5) Full Memberships at $100 each 
  • $500 | Annual dues for up to twenty (20) JROTC Cadets or Student Interns at $25 each

Upon order confirmation, email all names with a receipt ID or number to:

Corporate 2023 BDPA-DC Engagement (Start-Up/Micro Business)

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